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Academic Success







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ILORI Educational Program

The word ILORI means inner treasure. The Program ensures that children at social risk access to real educational opportunities. Each child expresses and expands their potential in a holistic, playful, creative, innovative and personalized way. The areas of attention are:

• School reinforcement.
• Nutrition.
• Technology and English.
• Artistic development through music, theatre and plastic arts.
• Environmental education.
• Life skills development.
• Psycho-affective support.
• Recreation and joy.

Our work extends into family life by offering to their parent workshops for a healthier and tenderness-based upbringing. Also, we work with the living forces of the community in various areas to increase collective well-being.

What we do

To increase the present well-being of women and children at social risk and create real opportunities for education are our goals. We work to promote their cognitive and psychosocial growth for a brighter and hopeful future.

Granos Solidarios Project

We serve women at social risk. Beneficiaries have access to a monthly basic grains’ basket at a low cost to ensure the feeding of their families.

Also, we have activities to promote equity, solidarity, respect, and cooperation to contribute to their autonomy both emotional and economical, every Saturday.

Participating women set their own goals, act to achieve them, and actively participate in building a sense of community and sorority through empowerment, emotional development, and entrepreneurship.

Together we can


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Together in the distance.
COVID-19 has faced us with a very different reality. What we took for granted in the past seems distant and unreachable today. Being together, playing together, learning together –we miss all that. However, we need to adjust and find ways of being together in the distance. Lear more how we have adjusted to this new situation.


Read about our work and impact on the lives of the children and women we serve.


We work developing a new educational paradigm based on the principles of love and respect for all people, animals and inanimate beings. We use playful methodologies and creativity. Learn about some of the materials we have developed.


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