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Singing at home

Singing at home

Many studies have shown that singing benefits children in many ways. Physically, by being an aerobic activity, singing improves the efficiency of the body’s cardiovascular system with related benefits to overall health. Moreover, it promotes interaction between different areas of the brain involving aspects of music, thus improving neurological functioning. Psychologically, it promotes self-confidence, improves intra-personal communication and the development of individual identity. It can be a cathartic activity as it can make children feel better about themselves and the world surrounding them.

Teacher Amanda and teacher Mario have integrated singing as an essential part of the Circle of Love class. In these times, when getting together with ILORI kids is not possible, they have played, and recorded beautiful songs with meaningful lyrics for kids to sing along. As a plus, as a team, we have created simple but nice videos for the children to enjoy even more songs.

Several mothers have sent us videos of their kids singing along and having a really good time!

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