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Doing Yoga at home

Doing Yoga at home

Teacher Amanda taped and shared Yoga postures with ILORI kids so that they can practice at home and benefit from this ancestral discipline. Yoga helps us to gain flexibility, balance hormonal secretions and balance body and mind.

Kids response have been great. Many of them have sent us pictures and videos showing how skilled they are.

Many of these kids’ homes are very small and have not much space for practicing Yoga. However, they managed and some are even practicing on their beds. 

Nowadays, Yoga has become very popular among young adults. However, kids can benefit a great deal from Yoga too. Here there are three of the many good things children at the ILORI Program have gained from practicing Yoga:

  • Yoga has helped them to be physically active while focusing their mind. Moreover, they have learnt how to calm themselves –something helpful these days as they are confined in their small houses.
  • They have learned breathing techniques and tools to focus their minds to better deal with frustration. By practicing Yoga, they learn how to apply those tools in their everyday lives and to react appropriately to diverse situations.
  • They have learned more about their bodies and minds and what they are capable of by practicing Yoga. Therefore, they have come to understand they can decide how to manage their attitudes and approaches to life and others. This awareness of body and mind working together, helps them to be more confident and kinder, as well as to respond better to difficult situations.

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